This innovative approach to utility management looks beyond traditional SCADA and CMMS systems to provide our clients with predictive analytics to manage more effectively. WeIQ™️ integrated tools provide remote monitoring and control and allow utilities to predict and avoid problems before they occur. We can also evaluate the impact to decisions before they are implemented, minimizing performance risk related to degradation of service.

Ensuring Flawless Maintenance 

Initiating Smart Water Management is the first step to build a Smart City. With the aging infrastructure, authorities lack the resources to check each water outlet due to which a vast proportion of water gets wasted due to leakage and blockage. With the use of Smart IoT technology, finding the damage and repairing it becomes an ease, thus bringing stability in water flow and distribution channels. 

Every process is systematically connected from managerial to operational departments. Our solution will accurately note stats and guaranteed to bring an overwhelming change in water management. We pride in delivering promising results with the execution of our state-of-art water management system.