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The Wetwork Group’s Municipal Water Leadership Seminar is a 1 1/2-day event bringing together executives and senior leaders from across the public and private sectors to address the challenges facing water utilities in America today. Each year those challenges are getting broader: climate change, demographic change, political change, and economic change are all putting pressure on the way water works, but in those challenges, there is an opportunity.


  • Recovering revenue through AMI
  • A Smart City starts with Smart Water Management
  • Funding options to meet Challenges Facing Water Services
  • Implementing Public Outreach Programs


The Municipal Water Leadership Seminar leverages its high-level network to secure expert speakers who represent the most significant opportunities in the global water sector. The objective of the event is to give our delegates access to ideas, intelligence and speakers that they will not have seen at any other water sector event. The Seminar is designed to keep our attendees at the forefront of the most significant opportunities and industry developments and to ensure that they always get a return on their investment.

With an ideal setting, ample networking opportunities, and presentations in person and via Zoom from top executives and analysts, the Seminar offers attendees a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insight into today’s water and wastewater climate.

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At the Municipal Water Leadership Seminar 2021 we’re crafting dynamic discussions around water that combine story-telling followed by engaging conversations between moderators and water thought leaders. Plus, we’ll have plenty of networking opportunities throughout the 2-day event.

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Municipal Water Leadership Seminar is an exclusive invitation-only, water event that brings government officials and/or agency directors who have management authority for water and wastewater operations together with leading industry manufacturers and professional services providers.

There is NO COST to you or your organization for summit.

  • Networking Time with Industry Peers
  • Shared meals and receptions provide quality networking time
  • Discuss successes, challenges and gain unique insight from government and agency directors
  • Senior level government officials and agency directors will benefit from this opportunity to network with industry peers
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Sponsorship opportunity available, please email info@thewetworkgroup.com for more information.

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