WETWORK CONNECT is where city leaders and industry professionals discuss local infrastructure issues as it relates to promoting economic growth and water quality challenges. Wetwork Connect goal is to produce a platform that capture viewpoints. 


About Wetwork Connect 


Wetwork Connect will begin filming it first series at the Wetwork Group’s exhibition booth during the 85th Louisiana Municipal Convention. The setting is a casual and fun environment where leaders can learn about and weigh in on water and wastewater issues facing their cities. The Q&A session is moderated by The Wetwork Group, and everyone gets a chance to talk. 


Wetwork Connect is a place for leaders and industry experts discussing local water infrastructure issues and economic growth, where attendees engage in sharing and understanding many different viewpoints. 

Wetwork Connect is a refreshing change of pace from the usual Q&A session or political forum — conducted in the LMA Convention exhibition hall surrounded by an eclectic group of people who are crazy enough to find municipal politics fascinating

Filming of Wetwork Connect began on July 28 & 29, 2022 and looks to attracted a host of public officials and industry leaders during the 85th Annual LMA Convention.