About Us

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The Wetwork Group provides expert assistance to water and wastewater utilities and users of water resources by providing sustainable solutions, such as program management, project management, operational enhancements, regulatory, and policy issues that impact the water industry. Wetwork Group serves a variety of clients including municipalities, investor-owned utilities, water districts, non-profit customer-owned systems, and government agencies.

The professionals at The Wetwork Group have the expertise to assemble a world class team to take on any water or wastewater challenge. While the Wetwork Group is large enough to provide these solutions, the organization takes a small company hands on personalized approach to services. Clients always have a full access to the project management team, including the manager heading up their project and full access to the President of the Company! By having professionals that have many years of experience in both large and small system, Wetwork Group provides large company expertise with small company values.

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Our staff of highly trained professionals have been hand selected for their expertise and commitment to providing superior service to our client’s. Our team includes certified treatment plant operators, chemists, biologists, project managers, process engineers, inventory specialists, administration, financial and personnel experts. All of whom work together to assure the successful cost effective operations of your facility.

Problem plants that can’t meet effluent standards or SDWA standards are no problem for the Wetwork Group. Troubleshooting these “problem plants” and bringing them into compliance is one of the things we are known for. Very often we can bring your plant into compliance with little or no engineering modifications. By utilizing our knowledge of process systems and applying that knowledge in a scientific manner, we have been very successful in getting a problem plant into compliance by re-engineering the way the process systems are handled by the operators.

In addition to operating everything from simple to complex water and wastewater treatment systems, we also assists clients by assembling and managing project teams for specific purposes. From design, build, operate contracts for water and wastewater treatment facilities, to large scale rehabilitation and new construction of water and sewer pipelines. The Wetwork Group’s team of experienced, Engineers, Project Managers, Construction Managers, and Contractors provide clients with the depth of experience necessary to complete any water and wastewater treatment and/or infrastructure project.

Whether you have a small simple or large complex system, we can provide you with the expertise you need to meet today’s demanding regulatory environment.

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